Daniel Lucca Pujol is an artist. His email is danielluccapujol@gmail.com. Email him. He answers to Puj.

He works out of Nashville, TN. In 2006, he started the band Meemaw. In 2009, he started Pujol.

Pujol is his music project. His song catalog includes numerous singles, EPs and LPs on labels such as Third Man Records, Infinity Cat Recordings, Saddle Creek Records, and self-releases.

Puj also writes prose and poetry. He has been published by The Nashville Cream, Third Man Books, Sobotka Literary Magazine, Impose Magazine, The Walrus, The Contributor, SALT Weekly, etc.

In July 2018, Puj started a Nashville-based zine called SALT Weekly with Packing Plant Gallery and Elephant Gallery. The issues are bimonthly.

Puj makes spoken word albums with ambient musical accompaniment. Right now, he prefers pedal steel and/or vibraphone.

Puj is finishing a new Pujol music LP. It is music + spoken word and an enjoyable research project.

Drew Vandenberg is his producer.

“You can’t save the world, but you can heal it – if your kisses blow one at a time.”

Yours truly, Funky Magus